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The Moonlight Cactus

The Moonlight cactus grows in Central America, the Caribbean, and Northern South America. It's genus is selenicereus.
Obtaining Energy
The Moonlight cactus has a large bulb used for storing water. The Moonlight cactus has short roots. 

Using Energy

The Moonlight cactus usually wastes it's energy on filling up its bulb with water. It also uses a lot of energy making flowers bloom. 


A Moonlight flower blooming
The Moonlight cactus pollinates to reproduce. Bats and other flying animals help the Moonlight cactus reproduce by pollinating. 

Growth and Development

Moonlight cactus have large and nocturnal flowers that get pollinated by bats and others. They are plants with flat to angled stems, producing aerial roots.

Adaptations to Immediate Changes in Environment

Moonlight cactus are nocturnal plants. Their flowers are nocturnal and bloom only for one or two days annually. The flower is very large, which is needed to attract more animals to pollinate it in such little time.