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The Elf Owl

The Elf Owl
Elf owls are nocturnal birds that lives in the southwestern United States and Mexico. It is the world's smallest owl. It's genus is micrathene, and it's binomial name is micrathene whitneyi. 
Obtaining Energy   
The Elf owl has a diet of insects. They are known for eating scorpions, somehow they are able to cut off the stinger. Elf owls are usually seen chasing after flying insects. 

Using Energy

The Elf owl uses energy by hunting for more energy. The Elf owl doesn't use very much energy during the day because it sleeps during the day. The Elf owl uses all of it's energy at night.

Ridding Waste

The Elf owl practically never drinks wate, and when it does it tries to reduce water loss. So, the Elf owl does not sweat.


Baby Elf owls
Elf owls usually choose a cavity in a saguaro cactus as a place to raise their young. The females lay three round white eggs. The eggs are incubated for about three weeks before the chicks hatch. Chicks are usually born in mid-June or early July.

Adaptations to Immediate Changes in Environment

The Elf owl is a nocturnal animal that has to see in the dark if it wants to hunt. The Elf owl adapted by developing night vision. Unfortunately the Elf owl hasn't adapted to low temperatures. The Elf owl migrates when it gets too cold in it's current environment.