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The Fennec Fox

Two Fennec foxes
Fennec foxes are small nocturnal that live in the northern rim of the Sahara desert. It's genus is vulpes, and it's binomial name is vulpes zerda.

Obtaining Energy
Fennec foxes have large ears that help them pick up sounds of prey. Their diet consist of rodents, insects, birds and eggs. An individual can jump 2 feet high and 4 feet forward. This can help one catch prey.   

Using Energy

Fennec foxes usually use their energy by socializing, hunting, and reproducing. Playing is common when socializing, even for adult fennec foxes. 

Ridding Waste

Fennec foxes do sweat. This because its kidneys restrict water loss.


A baby Fennec fox
The Fennec foxes mating season is from March to April. Fennec foxes mature after about 9 months old. The duration of time of pregnancy is between 50 to 52 days. They only mate once a year with a liter of 1 to 4 babies.

Growth and Development

A ten month old Fennec fox
When born Fennec foxes are born with their ears folded over and their eyes closed. Their eyes open at around 10 days and their ears start lifting soon after the 10 days. The life span of a Fennec fox is 10 years in the wild, but 12 years in captivity.

Adaptations to Immediate Changes in Environment

The coat of a Fennec fox is often a cream color and fluffy, which deflects heat during the day and keeps the fox warm at night. The Fennec fox has very large ears that help it find prey, they seem to stare at the ground while they rotate their heads from side to side in order to pinpoint the location of prey.