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The Bobcat

A Bobcat
Bobcats are mammals that live in the United States. It's genus is lynx, and it's binomial name is lynx rufus.
Obtaining Energy
Bobcats can go for a long period of time without eating. They usually eat rodents, squirrels, birds, fish, and insects.   

Using Energy

Bobcats are usually hunting. They could also be seen marking their territory with urine and claw markings and expanding their range.

Ridding Waste

The Bobcat is very territorial and usually are marking their territory. They mark their territory by the smell of their urine, feces, and claw markings.


A baby Bobcat
The Bobcats mating season is between February and March. Bobcats usually mature by their second summer. A Bobcats duration of pregnancy time is about 63 days. Females usually produce one liter per year. 

Growth and Development

Another baby Bobcat
Newborn Bobcats are born with their eyes closed. Their eyes open after about 10 days and are taught hunting skills. They are taught until they leave her 9 or 10 months later. The mother takes care of the kittens by herself, this is because the father has no role in raising the offspring.

Adaptations to Immediate Changes in Environment

The Bobcat has tan to grayish brown coat with black strips. This coat helps the Bobcat camouflage in its surroundings. The Bobcat has sharp hearing and vision, it also has an excellent sense of smell. The Bobcat is a great climber. It can swim if needed to, but usually avoids water. The Bobcat is very muscular.